Comedy is a skill based science which can be developed by when you join some classes or schools. Few people are born talented and hence they create a funny environment by joking around among friends and colleagues. If you also feel that your jokes are funny and you like making people laugh, then you can enhance your skills by joining any comedy school and be a standup comedian.

If you really want to learn ways of how to be humorous, then you can practice several things. A few of them are given below:

Create your own punch lines: You can create your punch lines which can make people laugh. Moreover, you can also create your own funny write-ups and rehearse them in idle times.

Practice: You can practice stand-up comedy infront of a mirror and judge your acts. Moreover, you can also joke infront of a mirror and see how you look while performing.

Watch videos online: You can also watch videos of various famous comedians online and practice in the similar ways as they can.

Joke before friends & teachers: When you join an institute, try to joke before teachers and your friends as they will judge you in a better way and give their feedback accordingly.

Hence, if you want to be a good comedian, you can join a renowned stand up comedy schools and follow all these points will help you to be a popular standup comedian.