We all want to be socially attractive and funny in nature. Do you think being funny is only limited to some people?  Have you ever thought how to be a standup comedian yourself? Yes it is possible. Creating laughs is not only a skill but an art as well. When it is a skilled art, we know that it can be learnt. Maybe you can go as far as presenting stage shows to a group.</p>

The best advice for any person who aspires to be comedian is to always observe things happening around you and look for humor in it. Going through politics, TV soaps and even your daily household fights helps in providing you good humor. Moreover you should not be an introvert. Always interact and communicate with people around you. This helps in gaining quite a few tricks which makes people laugh. The best place to refine and improve your comic instincts is by joining a comedy school. Here you interact with people who suffer from the same problem- the desire to be funny. Moreover they train you on various techniques and elements which can generate laughter.

A good comic presentation demands a humorous script. Yes a good writing material is essential. Now the problem arises ashow to write comedy? The above tip applies here as well, be observant and social. Look for the basic instances and carve out joke from it. If you find it difficult to write quality jokes you can do what my friend did. She joined classes that taught her joke writing skills. In her case it was quite helpful because normally we find it very difficult to observe humor in common things. These classes create such a mindset that as you think about something, your mind will immediately create a joke around it.</p>