Making someone laugh is not easy. It requires something that should hit the funny cord of your listeners. Apart from natural talent it requires skills that can make people laugh with you. It comes from the way you observe humor and how you take things aimed at you. Expert comedians say that the people who can lift humor even from their daily life are actually the real funnymen.

If you wish to be a comedian and make the crowds crave for your lines than it is important to train yourself. A different audience requires a different style of humor. So the question arises that how to be a standup comedian? Most importantly observe things around you be it politics, TV soaps even the fights with your beloved. Additionally doesn’t be an introvert. Just be social and try to interact with different kinds of people and try to learn about their lifestyle and other details. This provides you with the write-up to create a funny atmosphere. You can also take the help of comedy classes that trains you with the tricks that can create laughter.

How to be a funny guy?

  • Be social, social and social.
  • Observe humor in any kind of situation.
  • Make friends that share the same passion.
  • Go for comedy schools and learn the nuances from experts.
  • Be brave and don’t give up
  • Try to learn as much as you can. Don’t stagnate.
  • Practice the art of writing jokes daily.

Just believe in yourself and your dream than there is nothing that can stop you from being a successful comedian.