One of the most peculiar things that I notice in new comedians is that they are driven to write jokes as of a responsibility. They are kind of pushing themselves to churn up a somewhat magic potion that can generate a good amount of laughter onstage. Is this what comedy all about? It is actually not their fault; the novice comedians are taught that writing a joke is some kind of structured process. They are trained in a way such that the joke is effective only when read. When I say just a good to read line it doesn’t makes up to be the best to be presented amidst the crowd. An effectively delivered comic punch accounts for around 93 percent of your body language, facial expressions and body tone variations.

Now the question arises as how to write comedy?

To write an effective one requires you to learn the key tricks that makes a person a laugh. There are situations where a common joke could make the listeners crave for more and similarly the same punch if delivered ineffectively can fell flat with the audience. You should try to practice your punches in front of the mirror and work on your style and expressions to make it more effective. Watching similar TV shows and comic sessions can aid you in your learning process. Moreover you need a fresh joke every time you go onstage. This requires kind of regular joke writing on your part. To look for fresh ones you just need to observe your surroundings and develop a humorous situation around it.

Comedy writing is actually an art that needs to be honed and practiced. If you find the process difficult you can take the help of stand up comedy schools in this regard. These schools hold specialized workshops, hosted by noted comedians that train you on the actual methodology behind a creative and super hit comic punch.