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Creating laughter is not that easy, it requires a lot of hard work and patience. Expert comedians say that comedy is an art and actually quite similar to any other profession as it requires continuous refinement of skills. A joke or sequence popular today might not be a hit the other day. Preferences change with time as well as with the audience whom you are addressing to.

If you love making people laugh then this might be the profession for you. But to stay upfront in this field it is important that you never compromise on your efforts. So now the question arises as how to be a best comedian? To take this up professionally you need to train yourself in different aspects such as presentation and comic writing. First step in this regard is the write up. For this you need some really good material. To research about it you need to be observant. With This I mean you need to observe people around you and understand the things that make them laugh. Other then this staying abreast with the latest news and TV updates could also help you out. You need to revolve around a funny sequence around such situations.

The next aspect is your presentation. The way you deliver a joke plays an important role in determining your success at a gig. You may have the perfect joke but if you present it ineffectively the audience would fell flat. Therefore make it a habit to practice your delivery skills. You can do it in front of the mirror and observe your facial and vocal reactions. Other than this you can also take the help of comedy schools that can train you in the field of comic writing and presentation. Here you can work under the guidance of noted comedians to refine your laughter generating skills.

I hope I have answered the question as how to be a standup comic.


Do you love to make the people laugh with you? Do you think that you have that funny cord that can take you on stage? If yes than standup comedy might be just for you. A multi billion industry that works on creating smiles is stand up.

Being humorous witty guy among your friends is another task while being a thorough professional in that is entirely different. Within your friends and family circle you know what can make them laugh but when you need to perform a gig among an unknown audience you need to be really smart. When I say smart it means you should come packed with all tips and tricks that could hit just anybody. The question that might arise is your mind is as how to do standup comedy actually? Have I made you scared or something? Really sorry, comedy is no science it’s just being you. So if you are on the stage the first tip for you is to act natural as if you are within a bunch of your best buddies rather than feeling nervous. Moreover if things don’t work for just don’t fret. In such situations you need to relax for a while and put across some other joke or plan some fresh gig quickly. Another tip to be successful in comedy is not to give up rather than just practice more and work hard.

To become professionals in this field some basic training is essential to understand the nuisance of comic scripting and how to work on stage. For this you can attend workshops or standup comedy classes. There many similar classes being run comic geniuses who can help you in refining your skills? You can search for them on the internet.

One of the most peculiar things that I notice in new comedians is that they are driven to write jokes as of a responsibility. They are kind of pushing themselves to churn up a somewhat magic potion that can generate a good amount of laughter onstage. Is this what comedy all about? It is actually not their fault; the novice comedians are taught that writing a joke is some kind of structured process. They are trained in a way such that the joke is effective only when read. When I say just a good to read line it doesn’t makes up to be the best to be presented amidst the crowd. An effectively delivered comic punch accounts for around 93 percent of your body language, facial expressions and body tone variations.

Now the question arises as how to write comedy?

To write an effective one requires you to learn the key tricks that makes a person a laugh. There are situations where a common joke could make the listeners crave for more and similarly the same punch if delivered ineffectively can fell flat with the audience. You should try to practice your punches in front of the mirror and work on your style and expressions to make it more effective. Watching similar TV shows and comic sessions can aid you in your learning process. Moreover you need a fresh joke every time you go onstage. This requires kind of regular joke writing on your part. To look for fresh ones you just need to observe your surroundings and develop a humorous situation around it.

Comedy writing is actually an art that needs to be honed and practiced. If you find the process difficult you can take the help of stand up comedy schools in this regard. These schools hold specialized workshops, hosted by noted comedians that train you on the actual methodology behind a creative and super hit comic punch.

Making someone laugh is not easy. It requires something that should hit the funny cord of your listeners. Apart from natural talent it requires skills that can make people laugh with you. It comes from the way you observe humor and how you take things aimed at you. Expert comedians say that the people who can lift humor even from their daily life are actually the real funnymen.

If you wish to be a comedian and make the crowds crave for your lines than it is important to train yourself. A different audience requires a different style of humor. So the question arises that how to be a standup comedian? Most importantly observe things around you be it politics, TV soaps even the fights with your beloved. Additionally doesn’t be an introvert. Just be social and try to interact with different kinds of people and try to learn about their lifestyle and other details. This provides you with the write-up to create a funny atmosphere. You can also take the help of comedy classes that trains you with the tricks that can create laughter.

How to be a funny guy?

  • Be social, social and social.
  • Observe humor in any kind of situation.
  • Make friends that share the same passion.
  • Go for comedy schools and learn the nuances from experts.
  • Be brave and don’t give up
  • Try to learn as much as you can. Don’t stagnate.
  • Practice the art of writing jokes daily.

Just believe in yourself and your dream than there is nothing that can stop you from being a successful comedian.

Comedy is a skill based science which can be developed by when you join some classes or schools. Few people are born talented and hence they create a funny environment by joking around among friends and colleagues. If you also feel that your jokes are funny and you like making people laugh, then you can enhance your skills by joining any comedy school and be a standup comedian.

If you really want to learn ways of how to be humorous, then you can practice several things. A few of them are given below:

Create your own punch lines: You can create your punch lines which can make people laugh. Moreover, you can also create your own funny write-ups and rehearse them in idle times.

Practice: You can practice stand-up comedy infront of a mirror and judge your acts. Moreover, you can also joke infront of a mirror and see how you look while performing.

Watch videos online: You can also watch videos of various famous comedians online and practice in the similar ways as they can.

Joke before friends & teachers: When you join an institute, try to joke before teachers and your friends as they will judge you in a better way and give their feedback accordingly.

Hence, if you want to be a good comedian, you can join a renowned stand up comedy schools and follow all these points will help you to be a popular standup comedian.