Creating laughter is not that easy, it requires a lot of hard work and patience. Expert comedians say that comedy is an art and actually quite similar to any other profession as it requires continuous refinement of skills. A joke or sequence popular today might not be a hit the other day. Preferences change with time as well as with the audience whom you are addressing to.

If you love making people laugh then this might be the profession for you. But to stay upfront in this field it is important that you never compromise on your efforts. So now the question arises as how to be a best comedian? To take this up professionally you need to train yourself in different aspects such as presentation and comic writing. First step in this regard is the write up. For this you need some really good material. To research about it you need to be observant. With This I mean you need to observe people around you and understand the things that make them laugh. Other then this staying abreast with the latest news and TV updates could also help you out. You need to revolve around a funny sequence around such situations.

The next aspect is your presentation. The way you deliver a joke plays an important role in determining your success at a gig. You may have the perfect joke but if you present it ineffectively the audience would fell flat. Therefore make it a habit to practice your delivery skills. You can do it in front of the mirror and observe your facial and vocal reactions. Other than this you can also take the help of comedy schools that can train you in the field of comic writing and presentation. Here you can work under the guidance of noted comedians to refine your laughter generating skills.

I hope I have answered the question as how to be a standup comic.